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Designing a commercial kitchen

A well designed commercial kitchen is integral to the safe and also efficient preparation of food.

The space needs to be carefully considered to ensure it works well and is specific to your requirements.

Careful planning and great design will not only save you time and money in the long run but also during construction.

Usually there are four things you need to consider in your design:

  1. Space requirements – the physical space itself, but also how many staff you have in your kitchen at any given time
  2. The equipment you need to run your commercial kitchen – think about the menu and what you will need to not only make your amazing food, but also storage space required for food and utensils
  3. Health department requirements – different localities can have slightly different rules, so always check with your local shire or council offices.
  4. Budget

What makes for a great design?

  • Flexibility. Trends in cooking often change and the need for new menu changes in the future are likely. So if you change your menu to include different dishes not previously done, you need to make sure you can quickly and easily add the equipment to accommodate.
  • Working Zones. Define all the different ‘actions’ that will take place in the kitchen, such as food cleaning, cutting, baking, frying, cooking, wash up etc. That way you can have each employee working in his/her zone and prevent any unnecessary tension / collisions and chaos!
  • Storage. Functional storage is essential in a well designed kitchen. All equipment and dishes need a definite place to ‘live’.


The team at Metro Steel Services have been designing and constructing commercial kitchens for 20+ years so if you have any questions, we would love to help. Just get in touch!

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