Cape Constructions / Kim Robinson residence

Residential Kitchen, Sheoak Drive, Yallingup

Kim and his Project Manager Clint approached us 3 years prior to breaking ground on this project due its sheer size. A collaborative approach was taken so we could achieve the attention to detail required to execute the job and to meet the budget of our Client. They had seen our website and liked the design of a project we completed in Bicton. Their aim was to replicate a similar look on the stainless steel benchtops and cabinetry but on a much larger scale.

Their vision was a commercial product with a high-end domestic finish. Bay Cabinets from Busselton were the appointed cabinetmakers who were easy to work with and with their professionalism and high standard of work the end product turned out AMAZING! Our Client was more than pleased with the final outcome.

A project this size does not come without some challenges. Concealing all the joins on the open cabinetry and handling stainless steel splashbacks this large were heavy and proved difficult to manoeuvre. The largest splashback measuring in around 1500H x 4800L. Keeping these dent and scratch free from our workshop in Bibra Lake down to Yallingup was difficult and certainly a welcome relief when they arrived on site in perfect condition. The task of installing them onto the already installed benchtops was a feat of its own, however, with the help of Bay Cabinets at the install we once again achieved scratch and dent free surfaces.

This project was a challenge for the MSS Team and could not have run smoother. Our Team are very happy with the end result.

  • Integrated sinks and scrape hole
  • Custom made stainless steel sinks
  • Stainless steel splashbacks
  • Brass Bulkheads
  • Wrapped cabinetry
  • Seamless joins
  • Fully welded and cleaned